Mod Interiors has the in-house design and engineering capabilities to create the piece that is exactly right for you. We¬† have the confidence to accept any challenge. And it’s not just woodworking – our ability to coordinate a variety of associated materials: glass, metal, plastics, stone, special finishes and more – makes Mod Interiors a unique resource.

Our fully-equipped design department puts a combined experience of many decades to work on every project. We always consider human dimensions and include important space-, time- and energy-saving features. We’re artists too: formal attributes like aesthetic continuity and accurate details rank as highly as functionality. We’ll work closely with you to insure a viable design that satisfies all of your customer’s requirements.

Mod Interiors uses AutoCad, the industry standard for architects and builders. We also have outstanding plotting capabilities that can accurately create drawings to workable size. Engineering drawings are linked to our CabinetVision software and our Busellato CNC system.

As a design is developed, engineering features are integrated to produce a structurally sound, functional, durable finished product that will provide years of trouble-free service.


You project is guided every step of the way by a team of engineers, designers, customer representatives and crafstmen with one goal in mind: producing work we can all be proud of that will stand the test of time.


Mod Interiors has the in-house capabilities to control all the processes needed to turn an idea into a plan, and a plan into reality.

The fabrication process begins with a list of materials and a meeting with the craftsmen responsible for your project. We go over all the details, make sure the plans are correct and understood, then develop a schedule that will allow all of the sizing, cutting and other prep work to be completed.

Our talented craftsmen are supported with the precision and efficiency of best production machinery by Busellato, Joos USA, Casati veneering equipment, the Casadei Libra 45 sander, Delle Vedove, OTT and Striebig.


Mod Interiors has extensive experience with all types of veneers and maintains a comprehensive library of woods to choose from to ensure the texture, warmth, and color you desire for your project. From English Oak to Bubinga, African Mahogany to Elm Burl and Figured Anigre, a world of wood species and varieties is available. Veneer leaves are carefully selected, clipped, stitched together, and pressed to cores as we lay out veneer to any custom specification.

The building process then moves on to the dramatic transformation of the myriad parts into a 3-dimensional structure. Our craftsmen work with care and precision to ensure accurate sizing and secure, perfectly-fitting joints.


When it is time for final finishing, we can match almost any sample given to us and duplicate that color and tone. We custom mix all our finish colors and keep computer records for future use. Computer software converts custom mixes for large or small jobs to ensure consistent color. Polyester, opaque/clear, catalyzed polyurethane lacquers, Mod can do it all! We make new look like old, with custom faux and crackle finishes, custom mouldings and more. We can even make wood look like ancient stone!

Mod Interiors is proud to offer the unique capabilities finishing department’s Delle Vedove Dry Filter Spray Machine. The dry filter spray machine can prime, stain, seal and clear coat linear moldings quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively! This is a service that few other shops in the tri-state region can offer. With the Delle Vedove machine, we can produce finished moldings up to 3 inches high and 8 inches wide, for high quality finishes at competitive prices.


Mod Interiors has made it a policy to retain only those installers who demonstrate the highest craftsmanship and integrity. As a result, we have been able to work with some of the best installers in the industry – professionals that follow a strict regimen in the proper installation of millwork and proper work site etiquette.

All of Mod Interiors’ installers are briefed by our project manager prior to the start of any site installation. This gets everyone on the same page and prepares the crew for a smooth-running project.

Our installers inventory all deliveries and inspect all millwork for transportation damage to improve the final quality of every job and keep delays to a minimum.

When you need to ensure that installations are performed professionally and as neatly as possible, be sure to tell our estimating department to include an install price in your next project quote.


At Mod Interiors, we value our reputation as craftsmen of fine architectural millwork. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the finest architects and builders who have challenged us to develop unique solutions that help improve quality while saving time and money.

Our years of experience can also be of value to architects and custom builders who are planning new designs. The value of our expertise as trusted consultants can help you save a step or two, avoid costly and time-consuming redesigns, and improve the value and quality of your designs. We’re always willing to help with specifications. It’s a win-win process for all: we can help you specify the best methods and products for the job, and we can be assured of efficient, buildable results.

By consulting with Mod Interiors throughout the design process, we can help your project be built easier, better, and less expensively as you avoid costly design revisions. Our “close to the shop floor” manufacturing expertise can help make the difference between a successful build or a stressful one.

Give us a call and we will be happy to meet with you to improve your designs and simplify your design process.