MOD Squad

The tremendous skills of our employees help MOD to accomplish great things for its clients. The talent, years of experience, creativity and energy that everyone brings to work every day create a can-do attitude and an atmosphere of competent professionalism that shows in the amazing products we create.


Founder and previous owner, Matt is here to make ideas come to life. He oversees sales and estimating, project managers, engineering, works in progress and customer relations.


Founder and retired owner was plant manager and shop supervisor, Don managed the extraordinary talents of our woodworking and finishing craftsmen. He’s the one who orchestrated schedules, materials and production teams in our shared goal of creating the highest quality work and delivering it on time. We wish Don all the best in this next phase of life. 


Estimator and sales team member, Tom uses to advantage his knowledge of materials and processes to create results at a consistent level of the highest caliber. Tom's efforts are a big part of our successful process on many large-scale projects, building a long list of satisfied customers.


Vito's considerable talent as a project coordination team member extends beyond making excellent CabinetVision working drawings for client review - he helps bring designs to life as they become real-world solutions. His experience as a craftsman gives him an insider's ability to develop CNC programs and to work with many different materials.


Doug brings many years of experience to our project management team. In the past few years, Doug has been involved with several hotels, executive offices and restaurants. His work on all types of projects - from production work to extremely complex, high-end architectural woodwork - has brought new talents to our team.


Jessica is the long-time member of our accounting team. She is responsible for AP, AR, FSC audits, insurance, payroll... and the list goes on...


Tina, the newest member of our accounting team, is working hard to replace our retired veteran, Kennita. Tina is our controller, responsible to oversee all financials, work-in-progress schedules and tax schedules.


Steve is a new member of our project management team and helps direct new projects from start to finish. Steve gained experience with overseeing our warehouse and inventory system for the last few years and has developed valuable organizational skills with delivery and installation services.


Justin, our shop manager, schedules our work load as it progress through the shop, keeping an eye on what everyone is doing today and what we need to be doing next. Justin is also a very skilled craftsman, involved in very high level projects.


Kyle has excelled in many roles at Mod. He has been our purchaser for over a year and helped get our new warehouse in working order with a new inventory system. His latest role is assisting the coordination of new projects and attending to details that ensure successful completion. He is also assisting our sales team preparing bids for future projects.

Dave R.

Dave is the newest member of our project management team. Dave has fearlessly jumped in to help complete existing projects and has taken a lead role in many new projects.